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Get rewarded for sharing on social media. Chitter has also teamed up with Sawtel in Nigeria to be deployed on 50 million devices.

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Chit is meant to be a true alternative currency that rewards everyone for their social influence. You don't have to be Kim Kardashian or P. Diddy to have influence on social media, and we realize that. As a result, we're on a new mission to create a perfect social media influence model that rewards every single person for sharing their moments on social media.

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In just 2 months and with just 118 downloads Chitter generated $22,000 in revenue for BodyLab.

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These are the people that make Chitter work.

Seth Knapp

Founder & Chief Experience officer Growth Hacker and disruptive marketing specialist. Analytical. Lean methodology focused. Visionary. Hornswoggler.

Luke Stevens

Lead iOS Developer Crisp, clean aesthetics, minimalistic design, developer of Hudl for iOS.

Eric Miller

Brand Creative. Progressive and ambitious design. Inspirational thought leader.

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